Happy September! One of my favourite months! Our turn around time is approximately 1-3 weeks! Thank you for your patience as this one mama show navigates the 5th Fall season of Zen Lion Design. My girls and I are so grateful for your never-ending support!


I feel the change. I attended a protest a few years ago. I left feeling more angry. More alone. This experience was fucking insane. The whole way there, even driving trying to find parking, people were showing support. Everyone’s cars were covered in signs, the entire downtown core was alive with people screaming black lives matter. White people. I’ve never seen this before. It’s always us screaming for us. They showed up y’all. Thousands and thousands and thousands of edmontonians showed up for us. Thank you. The work isn’t done. But I finally, for the first time ever, feel the shift happening. Say it with me, BLACK LIVES MATTER


Phoot; my eldest daughter and her aunties, symbolizing that they have her back