We are rebranding! Things might look a little different! We are super excited for this change! Half of the listings will be deleted on Sunday! There’s an automatic discount when you spend $100+ on anything in the store. Last chance for a lot of designs!

Business Inquiry

I am so grateful to be able to offer your custom business apparel.

Option 1: I create a customized listing for you, your clients, your employees and your supporters to purchase directly from my website and you never have to pay upfront costs or carry stock.

Option 2: You purchase a bulk of items, all the same design ~ 1-2 colors, and I will give you the following discounts. For an order of $250, a 15% discount will be applied. For an order of $500+, there is a discount of 20%. Then you can sell your items in your store/studio for your own price  

I also provide logo designing services starting at $100 which includes a free T-shirt with your logo as a sample.