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About us! ❥

Hello y’all! My name is Sherrell! I am a mama of three amazing daughters that keep me on my toes. Phew. My first little Lion is 10 years old, her name is Ariella, “Ari.” Ariel means Lion Of God. I thank her everyday for making me a mama because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the inspiration that motherhood has brought to me. 

My second little lion is Leilani, “Leilei.” She is 7. She is my lion heart. Brave and determined and afraid of absolutely nothing. She will keep me young forever, with a head full of greys!! 

Third baby lion is Zeniyah. “Zen.” My little Leo. My playful lion cub, fiesty since before she was born, 11 days overdue, I already know that this baby girl will have things her way or the highway! But that’s okay little cub, because mama is the same! We started Zen Lion when she was only 8 weeks old. So those are my 3 lions, my 3 reasons. Zen Lion represents the calm and the storm. 


Now, my daughters are the biggest part of me, there’s some things you oughta know about mama lion! I am a serial entrepreneur! Since I was a child I was always thinking of non traditional ways to make an earning. To this day, 32 years old, I have never worked for a “boss” for longer than a year. I made the decision years ago that I would be my own boss. Through many, maaaaany, trials and tribulations, I have finally found my passion. 


A lot of people wonder how I’ve become so successful in the first 6 months of business, the truth is, while Zen Lion was launched in October 2019, this has been many years in the making. All my business experiences have collectively allowed me to hit the ground running. I went to school for early learning and childcare, and I ran a successful Dayhome for over 5 years. I did this so I could stay home with my own kids but also because at the time I had a passion for teaching. However, as the years went on, and I went from one child to 3, my feelings towards having a house full of children changed. But through this venture, I learned a lot about money management, the importance of a good accountant, and keeping receipts! I also learned how to advertise my business! 

I dabbled in network marketing many times, and while I know I would never again, the lessons I learned were invaluable. “Marketing.” I may have been that annoying Facebook friend messaging you about my new amazing magical product, but throughout that journey I learned what affective marketing is, and what will get you deleted. 

I worked in the nightclub for 10 years at the front door. It was my balance between working with children all day and being able to have adult conversation without wanting to go out and spend  money. Through this experience I learned about running a successful business, appealing to certain clientele, the importance of good customer service and simply “networking.” 

Through all of my business ventures, the most valuable lesson I learned was people want a business they can relate to. Being authentic is the absolute most important aspect of being a business owner. I am so grateful for the amazing relationships I’ve made with all the wonderful humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting our business.